Junior Golf

Our summer program consists of 6 hours of classes which covers all aspects of the game. Instruction covers how to properly hit woods, irons, along with chipping and putting. Class will cover rules, etiquette as well as learning proper practice techniques.

Students will have the option to pick one or multiple sessions.

Each student will receive a complimentary gift pack that includes a golf shirt, golf balls, and golf tees

Along with 6 hours of instruction and gift pack, students will have the opportunity to play free golf during our free play dates.

Lead Instructors:
Penny Hickman, LPGA Head Golf Professional
Cassie Auxier, PGA Assistant Golf Professional
Jared Goehring, WRHS Golf Coach
Josh White, Forbes Golf Course

Junior golf for 3 to 5 years olds – $20 per session

Does your young child seem interested in golf? This golf camp is for youngsters who want to start experiencing golf. It’s an opportunity for the little ones to get involved in a relaxed and fun atmosphere. Each class is two days, with 30-minute sessions each day.

Session 1: May 6th & 7th @ 5:00 PM
Session 2: June 1st and 2nd @ 5:00 PM
Session 3: June 22nd & 23rd @ 5:00 PM
Session 4: July 13th & 14th @ 5:00 PM
Session 5: July 27th & 28th @ 5:00 PM
Session 6: August 3rd & 4th @ 5:00 PM
Session 7: August 31st & September 1st @ 5:00 PM

$30 per session

This is for our pee wee golfers who have attended one of our regular pee wee golf camps. This class will be three days and include a third day of the campers playing a golf hole.

Session 1: July 13th – 15th @ 5:30 PM
Session 2: August 3rd – 5th @ 5:30 PM

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 Junior Golf Camp

Our fun filled camp is a great way to master the basics. We will help each camper with their full swing and short game fundamentals, rules of golf and golf etiquette. We emphasize safety, fun and personal attention. Junior equipment available upon request. Each camp is 3 days with 1.5-hour sessions each day. Each session is $60.00

Session 1: April 27th – April 29th @ 5:00 PM
Session 2: May 26th – May 28th @ 1:00 PM
Session 3: May 26th – May 28th @ 3:30 PM

 Advanced Junior Golf Camp

Designed for juniors who understand the golf swing and have participated in our camps in the past. Ideal for juniors who are interested in competitive golf. Participants will have the chance to get out on the golf course to put their skills to the test. Each camp is 3 days long with 2-hour sessions each day. Cost is $75

Session 1: May 26th – May 28th @ 10:00 AM

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All ages – $20 per session

We are offering a low cost option to allow a child to test the game out. This short class will allow a child the opportunity to see the course and discover if this is a game for him/her. Golf clubs and fun provided.

                                                                          Session 1: May 2nd @ 11:00 AM                                                                                                                                                    Session 2: June 6th @ 10:00 AM                                                                          Session 3: July 10th @ 2:00 PM 

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