Club Fitting

Club Fitting

We have fitting bags for most of the major brands and would love to set up a time to help get the proper clubs fitted for your game.

We also have the FlightScope Launch Monitor to help you see your results. FlightScope gives you a wealth of knowledge about your swing and ball flight. It allows us as club fitters to get you in the correct shaft, loft, and club to optimize your ball flight to achieve maximum distance. Get ready to out drive the competition!

3D Doppler Tracking Technology

FlightScope continuously measures every inch of your balls’ entire trajectory, giving you unparalleled accuaracy in carry and total distance, ball spin, horizontal & vertical.

24 Club and Ball Data Parameters

With military precision (and tested with ultra-high-speed cameras, ~50,000 frames per second) FlightScope measures the Angle Of Attack and 23 other important club and ball data parameters.

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